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It is about not polluted sea water which by a protected complex process, allows the elimination of the harmful effects of sodium chloride. It is mainly made up of the unit of the elements and enzymes. Researchers of the university of Montpellier identified more than 500 different substances in sea water .More than 500 different substances were indexed in sea water by let’s not forget that the sea was the place of the dawn of life on out planet close on millions of years ago, and that in all its forms proteinic, vegetable and animal.

The SF94 diluted with 2 or 3% fresh water, if possible with neutral pH. It’s application of the SF94 must be done by spray by avoiding the direct sunlight on the plants and the soils .The SF94 acts as a stimulus to the foliage and roots developments and to the regeneration of the soils having repulsive effect on the parasites and the rodents.

The plants thus treated develop into a much better health characterized by an increased to resistance several diseases .In foliar application , whatever the plant may be nutritious elements of the SF94 are absorbed in a few hours producing immediate effect on the growth.

Applied to impoverished by the excessive use of synthesis fertilizers, the SF94 generates the regeneration of the soils.

The manufacturing process was developed by an impassioned chemist, eager to find a product of which the elements are present in the nature. Jean Paul of Normandy the inventor, arrived after years of research developed the SF94, able to replace synthesis fertilizers advantageously necessary to insist on the fact that eliminating the harmful effects of sodium chloride without getting rid of them amounts to a technological feat of primary importance.


Generally it is systematically observed:

  • Improvement of the growth of the plants.
  • The setting in very fast and bulky buds.
  • Brighter colors, stiff stems and longevity of flower-time distinctly increased.
  • In the reproduction of plants by cuttings fast formation of the callus with thicker quickened root developments.
  • The declining of the parasitic attacks, the cryptogrammic and fungus diseases (ex: the cochineals disappear).
  • An anti-stress, at the time of the transplantation as well as at the time of important differences in temperature or after strong bad weather.
  • The regeneration of the impoverished soils.
  • A better fixing of the fruits.
  • A less need of covering manure (urea for example) and plant health products.
  • A better pollinization / pollination of cereals and fruit-trees
  • Noticeable improvement of the aspects, the amount of sugar, the taste, and shelf-life as well.

All that associated with a great facility of use, without any danger of handling and without any toxicity. Furthermore as opposed to granulated manures, the SF94 can be used in dry season.

The resultant of the combination of the whole of these beneficial effects is materialized increase in outputs by 10 to 20% varying according to cultures in situ studies were made in Morocco on 12 000 ha of rice plantations .The comparison made between the untreated adjacent parcels showed that production has increased by 20% all things being equal other respects.

Important: it is an addition possible to meet the private individuals needs for certain cultures by adding the SF94 to the specific additives.